Manjit Sandhu 




Dear Dr. Kumar,
It was great to have you conduct the Mars-Venus intervention for our associates on 27 July 2010. We thank you for delivering this enriching session.


The intervention addressed a number of practical and important considerations in dealing with gender differences in the workplace. Our associates gained substantially from your insights on the communication styles between men and women. This can greatly enhance team spirit and employee satisfaction. We are confident that our associates will use the techniques you shared to their and the organization’s advantage and work toward achieving our objectives of creating and synergy at the workplace.
Thanking you,


Arti Singh 


Chairperson – Women in Leadership Council
Vice President – Corporate Affairs

Bharti Walmart







Hi Nesan,
The training was very helpful. You were certainly successful in delivering the value of gender based selling. Thought I’d share some success with you.
I used the skills learnt on the training and easily closed a deal for $1.7million last Friday.  This was the difficult client I was talking about.
In addition to closing the deal, I was also able to cross sell and generate $6000 in additional revenue in the same interview with the client.



Financial Planner
Top 4 Prestigious Banking Company in Australia






Manjit Sandhu Hi Nesan,


Thank you for taking my call in the morning and you wouldn’t even guess what happened afterwards.


As per your suggestions I reworked the email to my customer – using gender based keywords and it literally only took her less than 5 minutes to put an order for $25K. It may not seem like a massive order but the fundamentals behind what you taught us in your seminar is spot on. I’ve also used these keywords with my suppliers and managed to get a win-win outcome almost 100% of the time.


I’m really looking forward to your next seminar specially since I’ve covered the cost of the last one under 3 weeks and managed to make a whopping 125% profit on top of it 🙂 …. So far..

Best regards and take care Nesan

Dan Unawatuna 


IT Project Coordinator, Maytech Online Solutions
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Dear Dr Niru,


I know this comes in too late ,however on behalf of the participants and IBM GPS, thank you so much, for delivering the session on sensitizing us on gender related differences that influence relationships and decisions at the workplace. The session was well received and did bring about an awareness and need to consider this topic in depth.


Although the participants who were connected virtually could not benefit from the discussion as much since they could not be a part of some of the activities, however the participants who experienced the session live, were very appreciative of the discussions and activities.

Best regards and take care Nesan

Ruchir Malik 


Cyber City, DLF Phase II Global Process Services Tower 8B, 4th Floor, Haryana 122002

Manager- Leadership Development India, IBM Global Process Services
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